What is a cookie

Cookies are small text files which a website may put on your computer or mobile device when you first visit a site or page. The cookie will help the website, or another website, to recognise your device the next time you visit.

Why does Ventim use cookies

We use cookies on our website. They enable us to identify your device, and enable some advanced website features. They also allow us to analyse how well our website is performing. We also use cookies to help us to improve the performance of our website to provide you with a better user experience. If you wish to control what cookies are set on your device through our website then you can find out how to do this in the section below.

How can I avoid cookies

If you don't want to receive cookies, you can modify your browser so that it notifies you when cookies are sent to it or you can refuse cookies altogether. You can also delete cookies that have already been set. Our website will probably still work without cookies, but you will lose some features and functionality if you choose to disable them.